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Postcards: Up the Neck

So another thing I got for Christmas was a new lens for my camera. And as a way to get myself to actually use it, I decided I would challenge myself to a weekly photo project related to banjos, fiddles and old-time music. This is the second installment.

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Happy New Year, banjo nerds!

We’re back with a few quick topics as we kick off 2016 and another exciting year of the Glory-Beaming Banjo. Let’s get right to it.

Year in Review
The New Year marked my third year playing fiddle. I’m playing with a little more confidence, but realize I have a long way to go. I accomplished a number of goals in 2015. I got out more to play with others, which has helped improve my ear, rhythm and speed. I completed the Brad Leftwich “Learn to Play Old-Time Fiddle” videos, which gave me a good foundation to build on, with a strong focus on rhythmic bowing. I also exceeded my annual practice goal.