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Showing posts from July, 2016

Postcards: Musical Mug

Here we have a my new coffee mug from Tyson Graham Pottery, a birthday gift from my sister last month. As you can see, the mug has a banjo on one side and a fiddle on the other. It holds 12 ounces and is more tall and slender than short and squat, but overall it's very solid. I love drinking my morning cuppa'joe from this handsome vessel.

Postcards: Vinyl Hunting Tour, Part III

My final banjo/old-time music related purchase from my July 5 record hunting trip was the Cool Hand Luke soundtrack (Dot Records DLP 25833), released in 1967. The album is the original score from the movie, along with Paul Newman playing "Plastic Jesus." At $8 plus tax, it was the most expensive used album I purchased that day, but I couldn't resist.

Postcards: Vinyl Hunting Tour, Part II

Going along with last week's post, here's another couple records from my recording hunting tour on July 5. Here we have Mac Benford's "Backwoods Banjo" (Rounder 0115), released in 1979, and Josh White "Sings Ballads - Blues" (Elektra EKL 114), released in 1957. Found at my local shop, Square Records in Akron, Ohio, together they my back $8 plus tax. The Benford album had been there for a few weeks, and I finally decided to take it home. Like I said, it was a good trip.

Postcards: Vinyl Hunting Tour

Tuesday was a perfect day for a short driving tour to scour record stores for some vinyl. At my third stop, The Vinyl Groove in Bedford, Ohio, I came upon these two albums. The top one is Ed Haley, "Parkersburg Landing" (Rounder 1010), a selection of home recordings made in 1946 and released in 1976. The other is "Galax Va. Old Fiddlers' Convention" (Folkways FA 2435), released in 1964. Together they set me back $11 plus tax. It was a good day.